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Paul’s close friends were advising him to change his plans because they knew there was serious danger ahead if he kept going toward Jerusalem; however, he was sure God had called him to make this trip to Jerusalem at this particular time. Finally, his friends gave up trying to persuade him and said, “The will of the Lord be done.” Paul was sure he had the mind of the Lord and that the Holy Spirit was guiding him even though he knew that his friends were likely right about the adverse circumstances and the threat to his safety.

Paul’s deep commitment was to bring the message of hope to a dark and sinful world. Paul had seen God work through arrests, prison, beatings, and all kinds of other adverse circumstances. This gave him the confidence to continue on his path to bring the message of hope to city after city and person after person.

The torch has been passed to us. Now, it is our turn to do our part to bring hope to the people around us, to our communities, to our neighbors, to our friends, and to our little piece of the world. How do we do that? By following the will of the Lord. By praying, by listening, by worshipping, by discussing, by being willing to take action as God leads us. Continue on with courage expecting God to minister through you and through your circumstances.

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November 5
“Can Jesus Change Your Community?”
Acts 19 & 20

November 12
Cathy Harris will be preaching

November 19
“Courage to Face Life’s Headwinds”
Acts 23-26

November 26
“The Next Step”
Acts 27-28

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