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In John 1:5, John is speaking of Jesus and his coming into the world as a human being. Throughout the chapter, John is clear that Jesus is the Light that God has sent into the world to bring wholeness and healing to the dark world. The amazing thing is that when Jesus returned to heaven following his resurrection, he promised that he would continue to shine his light through his followers so that they would also become the light of the world. As followers of Jesus, we have the light of God shining through us to make the world a better place.

The next few weeks we will be looking at several characters in the Bible. Some God used in powerful ways. Some he used for a short time and then realized they were not really open to his leading so he stopped shining his light through them. He didn’t condemn them, but realized that their present attitude and inner life were not what he was able to use to help others.

Join us as we consider each of these Bible characters and the scripture passages about them. We want to study the ways we can learn to be more open to God’s light shining through us. We want to be a clear passageway for God’s light to shine in the dark places of the world.

Join us each Sunday in June and July!


2019 June July theme med


June 2
Sermon – “Transformed by the Good News”
Scripture – Acts 16:16-40

June 9
Sermon – “Called for Life”
Scripture – Genesis 12:1-9

June 16
Sermon – “Holy, Holy, Holy”
Scripture – Psalm 8; John 16:12-15

June 23
VBS Children and Staff

June 30
Sermon – “Choices and Consequences”
Scripture – 1 Samuel 15:7-29

July 7
Sermon – “Chosen by God”
Scripture – 1 Samuel 16:1-13

July 14
Sermon – “Character Shaped by Adversity”
Scripture – 1 Samuel 24 & 25

July 21
Sermon – “True Repentance and Forgiveness”
Scripture – Psalm 51

July 28
Sermon – “A Divided Heart”
Scripture – 1 Kings 3


“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”  John 1:5


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