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Current Series

How do we spread God’s love by our day-to-day actions?  The early followers of Jesus were amazed at how God’s love was accepted by people they never thought were interested. They kept listening carefully to the Holy Spirit as he directed them into new situations. They sometimes encountered rejection and persecution, but more often they were surprised by the wonderful acceptance and transformation.

Even though it is 2,000 years later and even though the Church has grown and spread around the world, each one of us faces the same challenge in our daily lives. We are looking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives to lead us into situations where we can communicate the love of God. We are looking for the power of the Holy Spirit to make our words and actions powerful tools of communicating God’s wonderful, never ending love.

Invite a friend to come with you each Sunday as we gather to worship and share and listen. Come expecting to experience more of God in your life and to understand more completely what it means to follow Jesus each day.

2017 September theme med


September 3
Sermon – “Unrecognized Answers to Prayer”
Scripture – Acts 12

September 10
Sermon – “Chosen by God”
Scripture – Acts 13

September 17
Cathy Harris will be preaching

September 24
Sermon – “Rejected”
Scripture – Acts 14




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