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Current Series

“How thankful I am to Christ Jesus our Lord for choosing me as one of his messengers, and giving me the strength to be faithful to him.” 1 Timothy 1:12

Sometimes, we fall into the trap of believing that God does the same thing − chooses only the best for his calling and work; however, the Bible and our life experiences do not show that this is the case. Instead, God seems to call flawed and imperfect people for his work in the world. The scripture quoted above is the introduction to a few verses where Paul writes to Timothy that God does just the opposite of what we would expect.

God chooses each of us − weaknesses and all − to do his work in the world. The most amazing thing is that he promises to give us the ability and strength to do that work.

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2021 July theme med



July 4
Sermon – “Fire Works”
Scripture – Job 23:10

July 11
Sermon – “Coincidence or Providence”
Scripture – Esther 6:1-14

July 18
Sermon – “Reversal of Fortune”
Scripture – Esther 7 & 8

July 25
Sermon – “Defense and Celebration”
Scripture – Esther 9 & 10



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