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Current Series

In our current worship series, we are basing sermons on the book of Luke, the gospel that focuses on the lessons that Jesus taught. These lessons taught 2,000 years ago still apply to us today.

The backstory of the good news that Jesus was proclaiming was that several hundred years ago, Isaiah and other prophets who wrote in the Old Testament, had predicted exactly how Jesus would be born and how John the Baptist would prepare the way for him. Earlier in this chapter one of Mark, we see the prophecy and that John fulfilled that prophecy. God had planned this event - Jesus, His Son, coming to earth as a human being, hundreds of years earlier and now was the time that he broke onto the world scene. It was not random and it was not an accident − God planned this intervention for a long time.

God drew near to us as human beings and sent Jesus to live among us and to experience our life, be tempted as we are, and to feel the emotions we feel. He did not sin, but he died for our sins and rose from the dead to show that he conquered death. He offers us this Good News and offers us a transformed life because of his presence in our lives.

This is the good news that Jesus taught. This is the good news that the early disciples taught. This is the good news that we believe. This is the good news that still has the power to transform our lives. This is the good news that empowers us to share this good news with others around us.

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January 15
Sermon – “Triangular Living”
Scripture – Luke 2:39-52

January 22
Sermon – “Now Is the Time”
Scripture – Luke 4:14-30

January 29
Sermon – “Transformation”
Scripture – Luke 4:31-44

February 5
Sermon − “Meaningful Worship”
Scripture – Luke 6:1-16

February 12
Sermon – “A New Way of Living”
Scripture – Luke 6:20-49

February 19
Sermon – “Unconditional Love”
Scripture – Luke 7:36-50

February 26
Sermon – “Listen Carefully”
Scripture – Luke 8:4-15


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