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Quaker Beliefs -- Part 1

Quaker Beliefs -- Part 1

What do YOU believe about GOD?


Many people grew up in a time when the Bible was taken as unmistakably true authority. However, in today's world of vast ideas and information, many seek more to stand on. For the next few months I will be attempting to give you the written belief statements from our meeting as well as a simple, plainly written explanation of each belief in today’s vocabulary so that our readers who seek clarity in a world with confusing answers may also stand on the truths of our forefathers understanding of scripture. Each month I will give you the belief statement with back up scripture as well as a summary of what it says.

Belief Statement - About God

“We believe in one holy,1 almighty,2 all-wise3 and everlasting God, the Father,5 the Creator6 and Preserver7 of all things; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, by whom all things were made,8 and by whom all things consist;9 and in one Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father and the Son,10 the Reprover11 of the world, the Witness for Christ,12 and the Teacher,13 Guide,14 and Sanctifier15 of the people of God; and that these three are one in the eternal Godhead;16 to whom be honor, praise, and thanksgiving, now and forever. Amen.”
References: 1Isa. 6:3, 57:15; 2Gen. 17:1; 3Rom. 11:33, 16:27; 4Ps. 90:1,2; 5Matt. 11:25-27; 6Gen. 1:1; 7Job 7:20; 8John 1:3, 9Col. 1:17; 10John 15:26; 16:7; 11John 16:8; 12John 15:26; 13John 14:26; 14John 16:13; 1511 Thes. 2:13; 16Matt. 28:19; John 10:30,17:21

Summary of Belief Statement

We believe the Bible teaches there is ONE GOD who is in THREE PERSONS. These three persons are the FATHER (all wise, all present creator), the SON (Jesus Christ) God who came to earth fully human but still fully God and lived, was crucified, buried, resurrected, and ascended to heaven all for the forgiveness of our sins, and the person of the HOLY SPIRIT who lives with the believer to bare witness of Christ in our everyday lives, continue to guide, teach and draw us to Jesus Christ our Lord. This Christian belief is often referred to as THE TRINITY. ONE GOD, THREE PERSONS


Eric Bowman ovalEric is our associate pastor, working with outreach and youth ministry as well as adult discipleship and growth. Eric retired from a 28-year career in public education as a high school band director in 2019 and is now living his lifelong dream as a pastor. Eric and his wife, Diana, continue to live in Henry County where they have been lifetime residents. They "raised" three children and are now making their best attempt at "raising" themselves.


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