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That's What Friends Are For

That's What Friends Are For

When I was very young, maybe 3 - 5 years old, my mom was my best friend. She spent hours reading to me, taking me on walks, playing simple games with me, and teaching me rhymes and songs. When I was around 6 I began to spend much time with my friend Bennie. Bennie was a neighbor who was one year older than I was. We often helped his dad around the farm, played with our toy tractor collection while his mom gardened nearby, and generally messed around. I’m not really sure what we talked about but am sure our time together developed a close friendship.

In elementary and junior high my best friend Bud and I rode our bicycles constantly. If we were not riding our bikes we were riding horses or just hanging around talking about life and getting into occasional mischief. My grandpa was also a true friend that took me fishing, hunting, and motor boating. We were very close from the time I was 7 or 8 until he passed away when I was 22. He was a friend indeed.

Looking back on life, I realize that God always provides us with a friend to walk with along the way. Diana, my wife, has been my friend since I was 16. I have had friends at church, friends in college, and friends at work. There has always been a friend close by my side through every joy and every struggle in life. God is good!!!

The Bible has much to say about the importance of friendship. In 1 Samuel 18 we read about the close bond between David and Jonathan. The scripture tells us that their souls were “knit together.” God intends for us to have close friendships. Friends live life together! God is always faithful to provide friendship when we are in need. As I look back, God has ALWAYS provided a friend to carry me through, cheer me on, or to enjoy life with. I am glad I serve a God who puts a high value on friendship and doing life together with others. I am glad God designed us to live life in community.

Eric Bowman


Eric Bowman ovalEric is our associate pastor, working with outreach and youth ministry as well as adult discipleship and growth. Eric retired from a 28-year career in public education as a high school band director in 2019 and is now living his lifelong dream as a pastor. Eric and his wife, Diana, continue to live in Henry County where they have been lifetime residents. They "raised" three children and are now making their best attempt at "raising" themselves.

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