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Just Do You

Just Do You

“All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.” I Cor. 12:27

“JUST DO YOU” is a popular phrase. It’s popular because the emphasis on our individual rights is so strong. The phrase continues to grow in strength because it releases us from individual responsibility for our actions. When you “just do you” it allows us to bend the rules to fit our own way. Frankly, the world is not a big enough place for each of us to “just do you.” Although God places a very high value on individual choices and liberty, he also has in place a system of right and wrong that govern both our physical and spiritual lives. Throughout the New Testament we are instructed to use our individuality to positively impact our world. We have each been created with characteristics that are intended for service to our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as our general service to humankind. God clearly wants you to “just do you.”

As a former coach and band director I constantly found myself comparing my skills and talents to those I was competing with. If I was not an early adopter of the latest technique or trend in coaching I would become envious, depressed, and sometimes just a quitter. If I couldn’t do something as well as a peer I would just switch fields of competition. It seemed easier to look for a new league to compete in or a new team to compete with than to “just do me.” This took a toll on me personally and those who surrounded me. It was only after the exhaustion of 20 years of comparing my skills to others that God gave me the clarity to recognize He was only asking for me to “just do me.” As soon as I simply made use of the gifts I had been given, life became a joy instead of a constant effort to keep up with others. It was really that simple.

Paul reminds believers that we are each given spiritual gifts. These gifts are to be used to further Christ's Kingdom when they are combined with the gifts given to other believers. I Corinthians 12:12 - 31 clearly teaches that as believers assembled together to raise up the cause of Christ in the local assembly or around the world, that we each have a contribution to make. It is when we realize that our individual contribution, no matter its “flare,” is only effective when combined with the gifts others have to offer.

Eric Bowman


Eric Bowman ovalEric is our associate pastor, working with outreach and youth ministry as well as adult discipleship and growth. Eric retired from a 28-year career in public education as a high school band director in 2019 and is now living his lifelong dream as a pastor.  Eric and his wife, Diana, continue to live in Henry County where they have been lifetime residents. They "raised" three children and are now making their best attempt at "raising" themselves.


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