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Did You See God Yesterday?

Did You See God Yesterday?

I saw God yesterday, not in the grand perspective of things, but in the little things that so often go unnoticed. I was having coffee with some friends yesterday when one in the group told the same story she had just told not five minutes ago, with the same enthusiasm and importance as she did earlier. Not one person in the group mentioned that she had already told that story. One gentleman, when she was finished, asked her a question that would lead her to a new memory. I didn’t stay to hear the story but it started with laughter and that experience stayed with me all day long. I don’t suppose the gentleman realized what an impact that made on me but it was definitely a God sighting!

I love nature and the wildlife I see every day, but I often forget to look for God in the small things people do every day. People and nature reflect God’s love for us each day, we just have to be alert enough to recognize it.

I hope you look for God in the most unexpected places today and tomorrow!

Nancy Wadman


Nancy ovalNancy is currently the Interim Ministry Coordinator for Spiceland Friends Church. She has been a member at SFC for 23 years and loves her church family! She retired from Tri Elementary School in 2014 after teaching 6th grade for 39 years. In her free time, Nancy loves to travel and walk the trails at Summit Lake with her dog, Gracie!

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