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Walking with Jesus

Walking with Jesus

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.” Psalm 37:5 (NRSV)

Last Sunday, the Holy Spirit led our worship in a powerful and uplifting way. The title of the sermon for that day was “Growing Your Faith.” That message and theme was communicated in the most powerful way throughout the service and I never preached the sermon! God had other plans of how to communicate the message and teach us to increase our faith. We heard spontaneous and unexpected testimony about how God had worked through very difficult medical problems to teach that He is still at work even in the darkest of times. We celebrated and thanked God that several who had been hospitalized in serious condition were with us that day and recovering very well. We prayed for several others who are facing difficult medical challenges. We gave thanks for the wonderful commitment and generosity of our congregation as we announced that in just two weeks our goal had been reached for the money needed for the new Air Conditioners that are needed! We were uplifted and encouraged in our spirits as our guest, April Fisher, along with sons, Aaron and Jon, brought several musical selections. April interspersed some testimony and scripture passages to focus our attention on the message of the music. We lifted our voices to sing our closing hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness. We left the service with the words of that familiar hymn reminding us that God is always with us and is always working in our lives even when we don’t see it or feel it.

All of this comes about because of our people who are actively working to put into practice the Psalm that is quoted above. We are working on committing all of our ways to the Lord. That includes our whole life - relationships, work life, neighborhood life, family life, and personal life. God promises to respond by acting in our lives and we see evidence of that all around us. Many times, it is not how we expected him to act and many times we are quite surprised; but we do know that it is God acting in our lives and circumstances.

This month the sermons will focus on “Walking with Jesus.” We will look at several scripture passages and Bible stories that teach us more about staying close to Jesus and following his direction for our lives. Come each Sunday. Bring some friends and family with you. Pray for our worship service during the week - that God will be present and minister to us. There are lots of opportunities for ministry and service during the week. Listen carefully as to what God may be nudging you to do.

David Brock


david brock ovalDavid loves being with people and greatly enjoys serving as pastor of Spiceland Friends Church. He and his wife, Linda, enjoy spending time with their three grown children and their grandchildren. David is also a full-time attorney. David likes to say that his job description is simple - it is like a pizza delivery person - deliver a hot, fresh sermon each week in LESS THAN 20 MINUTES! Actually, he does a few more things at the church, but his focus on the pastoral team is preparing a Sunday morning message that makes the scripture relevant and applicable to our lives.



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